A Change of Perspective: Q & A with a Corporate Recruiter turned Social Worker

Photo by Joe Wolf licensed under CC 2.0 accessed at flickr.com

Q: So how did Outreach get started?

Q: So how did you end up getting involved in Outreach Fort Collins?

Q: That’s a big shift- what was that like?

Q: So what does that playbook look like now?

Q: Like the your annual summary report that displays the data you’ve collected into more digestible statistics…?

Q: So what’s the most challenging part about balancing that?

Q: So you were talking about helping people to understand perspectives, what might you say from someone that is coming from that place of fear?

Q: So how do you think community perception of those experiencing homelessness shape the issue?

Q: Has there been a particular case or moment that has struck you while you’re working?

Q: So…what would you say is the biggest challenge in your job?

Q: So what would you say is the most rewarding part?

Q: With all the successes and growth Outreach has seen in 3 years, what do you think the next three years look like?



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